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2005/05/28HARD'n'HEAVY Night Vol.4
2005/04/23Duet & Chorus Night Vol.1
2005/03/26AOR, Country Rock & West Coast Vol.1
2005/02/26Love To Sing Vol.4
2005/01/22diva Jazzy Night vol.1
2004/12/25diva Chiristmas Night 2004
2004/12/11HARD'n'HEAVY Night Vol.3
2004/11/20THE BEATLES Night Vol.1
2004/10/23Oldies Night Vol.1
2004/09/18R&B. Disco. Soul Night Vol.1
2004/08/21HARD'n'HEAVY Night Vol.2
2004/06/19 Love To Sing Vol.3
2002/02/10Love To Sing Vol.2
2001/10/07Love To Sing Vol.1
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