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★Vol. 8★


Premium Stage Turn Table

April 21, 2018

♪1st Stage

1 Billy/ Marry You/ Bruno Mars

2 Tatsuno/ Just The Way You Are/ Bruno Mars
3 jimigrid/ Strangers/ Sigrid
4 hiyo/ Chasing Pirates/ Norah Jones
5 Mr. Cheerful/ Xanadu/ Olivia Newtoh-John

6 Etsuko/ Billie Jean/ David Cook

7 カメイ/ Is There Something I Should Know/ Duran Duran
8 やのっち/ What You Need/ INXS
9 SOZO/ Too Shy/ Kaja Goo Goo

10 ウエノ/ For What It Wrorth/ Buffalo Springfield
11 Blue Jean Genie@野江ビア/化粧ちんだい/ Blue Jean/ David Bowie
12 ohuchi/ I Only Want to Be With You/ Bay City Rollers
13 Stevie Nikki/ Stay With Me/ Eighth Wonder
14 鬼太郎/ Seven Sea Of Rhye/ Queen

♪1st Stage

15 Billy/ Sorry Not Sorry (piano ver.)/ Demi Lovato

16 jimigrid/ Don't Kill My Vibe/ Sigrid

17 Tatsuno/ Always/ Bon Jovi

18 hiyo/ Hot N Cold/ Katy Perry

19 Mr. Cheerful/ Dog & Butterfly/ Heart

20 Etsuko/ Bad/ U2

21 カメイ/ True/ Spandau Ballet

22 やのっち/ Need You Tonight/ INXS

23 SOZO/ Planet Earth/ Duran Duran

24 Blue Jean Genie@野江ビア/化粧ちんだい/ The Jean Genie/ David Bowie

25 ohuchi/ Livin' La Vida Loca/ Ricky Martin

26 Stevie Nikki/ Sexy Music/ The Norans

27 鬼太郎/ Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting/ Elton John


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