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Premium Stage Turn Table

1. うっし〜/20th Century Boy/T-rex
2. PEN/Heartbreaker/Pat Benatar
3. よこじ/breed/Nirvana
4. トオル/Welcome To The Jungle/Guns N' Roses
5. Akira/Communication Breakdown/Led Zeppelin
6. Rock/Cherry Bomb/The Runaways
7. まこーさむ a.k.a. まこさん/Panama/Van Halen
8. Billy/Highway Star/Deep Purple


9. いけちゃん/You could be mine/Guns N' Roses
10.イッちー(女性)/Whole Lotta Love/Led Zeppelin
11.じみ・っきー/Lit Up/Buckcherry
12.Mr. Cheerful/Burn/Deep Purple
13.たあにゃ/Move Your Body/Blessd By A Broken heart
14.Nikki/Never Walk Away/Journey
15.やるまいぞ/Don't Talk To Strangers/Dio
16.PLANT/Rock And Roll/Led Zeppelin


18.エーデン/March Of Time/Helloween
19.ショーヘイ/sansebastian(original version)/Sonata Arctica
20.よっさん/The Sentinel/Judas Priest
21.TOMOLEY CRUE/Into The Pit/Fight
22.マツ/2 Minutes To Midnight [悪夢の最終兵器(絶滅2分前)]/Iron Maiden
23.Itchie/Slip Of The Tongue/Whitesnake

Free Stage Set List (作成協力:うっし〜)

We Will Rock You   /  Queen 
Crazy Train   /  Ozzy Osbourne 
School Girl Funk / Strapps 
Unchained   /  Van Halen 
Rainbow In The Dark  /   Dio 
Plug In Baby / Muse 
We're An American Band     Grand Funk 
Personal Jesus / Marilyn Manson 
King Of The Night Time / Kiss 
The Wizard / Uriah Heep 
Always  /   Bon Jovi 
Rosalie / Thin Lizzy 
She Don't Know Me / Bon Jovi 
Godzilla  /   Blue Oyster Cult 
Nita Nitro / The Wildhearts 
Born To Be My Baby  /   Bon Jovi 
Hey Stoopid  /   Alice Cooper 
Cult Of Personality / Living Colour 
Roudabout   /  Yes 
Forever Man  /   Eric Clapton 
Long Time  /   Boston 
I Remember You  /   Skid Row 
Bounce  /   Bon Jovi 
Venus   /  Shocking Blue 
The Zoo  /  Scorpions 
I Disappear / Metallica 
People=Shit   /  Slipknot 
Don't Stop Me Now   /  Queen 
Youth Gone Wild / Skid Row 
Easy Loving  /   Freddie Hart 
Bad Medicine   /  Bon Jovi 
These Days   /  Bon Jovi 
Superstition / Beck Bogert & Appice 
All Night Long  /   Rainbow 
Heaven's On Fire  /   Kiss 
Have A Nice Day / Bon Jovi 
Smells Like Teen Spirit  /   Nirvana 
My Sharona  /   The Knack 
Patience  /   Guns N' Roses 
Island In The Sun / Alcatrazz 
Full Moon / Sonata Arctica 
Jump  /   Van Halen 
By The Way  /   Red Hot Chili Peppers 
I Wanna Rock  /   Twisted Sister 
Highway Star   /  Deep Purple 
You Give Love A Bad Name  /   Bon Jovi 
Livin' On A Prayer   /  Bon Jovi 
Living Loving Maid(She's Just A Woman)  /   Led Zeppelin 
What I've Done / Linkin Park 
Neon Knights  /   Black Sabbath 
Wherever I May Roam / Metallica 
Enter Sandman / Metallica 
Friday Night / Vandenberg 
Poundcake   /  Van Halen 
Rock My Night Away / MSG 
The Mob Rules / Black Sabbath 
Amaranth / Nightwish 
Epic / Faith No More 
Under The Sky / The Answer 
Kids Wanna Rock / Bryan Adams 
Wait / White Lion 
Painkiller / Judas Priest

Entry   Entry List   Premium Entry   Entry Song Event Top
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