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★Vol. 9★

Premium Stage Turn Table

October 27, 2018

♪1st Stage

1 Billy & YoYo/ Cheers (Drink To That) (drama,

       SMASH S1E9, 2012)/ Megan Hilty & Katharine McPhee

2 kaho, Airin & chakky/ Suddenly I See

         (film, The Devil Wears Prada, 2006)/ KT Tunstall
3 レリュー/ Where's The Fire

                           (film, The Wraith, 1986)/ Tim Feehan
4 まこさん@夜霧の倫敦/ The Living Daylights

                 (film, 007 The Living Daylights, 1987)/ A-ha
5 Uno/ She (film, Notting Hill, 1999)/ Elvis Costello

6 やのっち/ Happy

             (film, Despicable Me 2, 2013)/ Pharrell Williams
7 chakky/ Valerie (drama, Glee S2E9, 2010)/ Naya Rivera

8 Airin/ Roxie (The Name on Everyone's Lips)

                           (film, Chicago, 2002)/ Renee Zellweger
9 YoYo/ Let Me Make You Proud

   (drama, Tangled: The Series S1E16, 2017)/ Jeremy Jordan

♪2nd Stage

10 Mr. Cheerful/ Look What You've Done To Me

                            (film, Urban Cowboy, 1980)/ Boz Scaggs

11 Maika & chakky/

                 Start Me Up, Livin On A Prayer Mush Up/ Glee

12 Takeru/ Yak/ The Coasters

13 Stevie Nikki/ Part Of Your World

               (film, The Little Mermaid, 1989 )/ Jodi Benson


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