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Entry List  


★Vol. 18★

Premium Stage Turn Table

February 17, 2024

★1st Stage

1 Billy & なべちゃん/

   Let It Be Me/ Olivia Newton-John & Cliff Richard

2 イチイ & Billy/

   Separate Lives/ Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin

3 Hiroyuki & やのっち/

   Empire State Of Mind Part 2 Broken Down/

                        Alicia Keys

4 YoYo & しまだ/

   Unforgettable/ Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole

5 おぐらダホイホイ & すんひ〜/

   Alright, Okay, You Win/ Tony Bennett & Diana Krall

6 まこさん & やのっち/ Seagull/ Ride

7 やのっち & ビリトン with まこさん/

   Drive My Car/ The Beatles

8 Stevie Nikki & イチイ/

   What Have I Done To DeserveThis?/

          Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield

9 いまっち & Billy/ Say Something/

   A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

10 【divaコーラスエントリー】

   SAORI, GEN, Cheerful, Hiroyuki & いまっち/

   It Never Rains In Southern California/

               Albert Hammond

11 【divaコーラスエントリー】

   ohuchi, SAORI, Yuki & Nikki/

   Does Your Mother Know/ ABBA

★2nd Stage

12 ohuchi & Billy/

   The Joker And The Queen/

      Ed Sheeran feat. Taylor Swift

13 Kaho & GEN/ Angels Like You/ Miley Cyrus

14 Mr. Cheerful & Kaho/ The Two Of Us/ Seawind

15 SAORI, Yuki & ohuchi/ Chiquitita/ ABBA

16 なべちゃん & Nikki/

   You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine/

            Michael Buble & Laura Pausini

17 すんひ〜 & おぐらダホイホイ/

   Body and Soul/ Tonny Bennett & Amy Winehouse

18 Yuki & YoYo/ Creepin' In/ Norah Jones feat. Dolly Parton

19 ビリトン & やのっち/

   With You I'm Born Again/ Billy Preston & Syreeta

20 GEN & Kaho/ Thinking Out Loud/ Ed Sheeran

21 しまだ, Nikki & Kaho/ Rock Steady/ Aretha Franklin

22 【divaコーラスエントリー】

   Nikki, YoYo, Yuki& やのっち/

   Giving Him Something He Can Feel/ En Vogue

23 【divaコーラスエントリー】

   いまっち, Cheerful, しまだ, まこさん, Yuki & Billy/

   Takin' It To The Streets/ The Doobie Brothers

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